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APOSTOLOS, GEORGE - G.J. "Gus" Rigopoulos in Doctor Sax and Maggie Cassidy; G.J. Rigolopoulos in Vanity of Duluoz; Danny "D.J." Mulverhill in Town and the City.


BAKER, JANE COONEY - Betty in Charles Bukowski's Post Office; Laura in Bukowski's Factotum; K in Bukowski's Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts.

BEAULIEU, SCOTTY - a teenage school friend of Kerouac's - Scotty Boldieu in Doctor Sax.

BEIGHLE, LINDA LEE - Bukowski's second wife - Sara in Women.

BRUNO, GUIDO - Guido Volkbeins in Djuna Barnes' Nightwood.

BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Henry "Hank" Chianski in Bukowski's Hollywood,Women, and Factotum.

BULL, JOANNA - Mercedes in Bukowski's Women.

BURROUGHS, JOAN VOLLMER ADAMS - Jane in On The Road and Subterraneans; Mary Dennison in Town and the City; June in Vanity of Duluoz.

BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Will Dennison in Town and the City; Wilson Holmes "Will" Hubbard in Vanity of Duluoz; Old Bull Lee in On the Road; Frank Carmody in Subterraneans; Bull Hubbard in Desolation Angels and Book of Dreams; Bull Balloon in Dr. Sax. Dennison in Holmes' Go; Mister D in Gregory Corso's American Express.


CANNASTRA, BILL - Finistra in Kerouac's Visions of Cody; Agatson in Holmes' Go; "Danced on broken wine glasses barefoot," in Ginsberg's Howl; Bill Genovese in Alan Harrington's Secret Swinger.

CARTER, JIMMY - "The Great Smiler" in Ferlinghetti's Tall Tale 1.

CARNEY, MARY - Maggie Cassidy in Maggie Cassidy and Vanity of Duluoz; Mary Gilhooey in Town and the City.

CARR, LUCIEN - Kenny Wood in Town and the City; Julien Love in Book of Dreams and Visions of Cody; Sam Vedder in Subterraneans; Damion in On the Road; Claude de Maubrus in Vanity of Duluoz; a boy Aphrodite in And The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks.

CASSADY, CAROLYN - Camille in On The Road; Evelyn in Visions of Cody; Evelyn in Big Sur.

CASSADY, NEAL - Dean Moriarty in On the Road; Cody Pomeray in Visions of Cody, Dharma Bums, Desolation Angels, Big Sur and Book of Dreams; Leroy in Subterraneans. Hart Kennedy in Holmes' Go.

CHASE, HAL - Chad King in On the Road; Val Hayes in Visions of Cody; Val King and Val King in Visions of Cody.

CORSO, GREGORY - Yuri Gligoric in Subterreaneans; Rafael Urso in Desolation Angels and Book of Dreams; unnamed character who was born in the basement beneath the American Express office in Paris and who wanders the world penniless in Corso's American Express.

CRAWFORD, JOAN - Joan Rawshanks in Kerouac's Visions of Cody.

COPPOLA, FRANCIS FORD - Frances Ford Lopalla in Bukowski's Hollywood. Coppola is an American film maker.

CRU, HENRY - Remi Boncoeur in On the Road; Deni Bleu in Lonesome Traveller, Vanity of Duluoz, Desolation Angels and Visions of Cody.


DELL, FLOYD - Felix Fay in Dell's Moon-Calf.

DODGE, MABEL - Edith Dale in Carl Van Vechten's Peter Whiffle; Mary Kittridge in Max Eastman's Venture.



FARIÑA, RICHARD - Gnossos Papadopoulis in Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

- Larry O'Hara in Subterraneans; Lorenzo Monsanto in Big Sur; Danny Richman in Book of Dreams and Visions of Cody.

FRYE, BARBARA, Bukowski's first wife - Joyce in Charles Bukowski's Post Office.


GINSBERG, ALLEN - Leon Levinsky in Town and the City; Irwin Garden in Vanity of Duluoz, Desolation Angels, Big Sur, Book of Dreams and Visions of Cody; Carlo Marx in On the Road; Adam Moorad in Subterraneans; Alvah Goldbook in Dharma Bums. David Stofsky in Holmes' Go.

GODDARD, JEAN-LUC - Jean-Luc Modard in Bukowski's Hollywood. Goddard is a French film maker.

GUILBERT, CHARLES - Urbain in Murger's Les Amours d'Olivier.2


HAVERTY, JOAN - Laura in On the Road; May Delano in Holmes' Get Home Free.

HENDERSON, LUANNE - Mary Lou in On the Road; Joanna Dawson in Visions of Cody; Annie in Subterraneans.

HINKLE, AL - Ed Dunkel in On the Road; Slim Buckle in Visions of Cody; Ed Buckle in Book of Dreams.

HINKLE, HELEN - Galatea Dunkel in On the Road; Helen Buckle in Visions of Cody.

HOLMES, JOHN CLELLON - Tom Saybrook in On the Road; Balliol MacJones in Subterraneans; James Watson in Book of Dreams; Tom Wilson in Visions of Cody. Paul Hobbes in Holmes' Go.

HUNCKE, HERBERT - Elmo Hassel in On the Road. Albert Ancke in Holmes' Go; Herman in Burroughs' Junky.



JOHNSON, JOYCE - Alyce Newman in Kerouac's Desolation Angels. Allen Ginsberg arranged a blind date with Johnson anf Kerouac. Johnson later wrote Minor Characters, which describes her times with Kerouac and the Beat Generation.

Johnson, Lyndon
"Colonel Cornpone" in Tyrannus Nix?, "Parade Tirade" and "Where Is Vietnam?" in Open Eye, Open Heart.


KEROUAC, GABRIELLE - Marguerite Courbet Martin in Town and the City; Sal's Aunt in On the Road; Ange in Vanity of Duluoz and Doctor Sax.

KEROUAC, GERARD - Gerard Duluoz in Visions of Gerard and Doctor Sax; Julian Martin in Town and the City.

KEROUAC, JACK - Sal Paradise in On the Road; Peter Martin in Town and the City; Jack Duluoz in Satori in Paris, Maggie Cassady, Tristessa, Visions of Gerard, Desolation Angels, Big Sur, Visions of Cody; Leo Percepied in Subterraneans; Ray Smith in Dharma Bums; Jack in Book of Dreams. Gene Pasternak in Holmes' Go. Mack Derouac in Bukowski's Hollywood.

KEROUAC, LEO - George Martin in Town and the City; Emil "Pop" Duluoz in Visions of Gerard, Vanity of Duluoz, Maggie Cassady and Doctor Sax.

KING, LINDA - Lydia in Bukowski's Women.


LAMANTIA, PHILIP - Francis Da Pavia in Dharma Bums; David D'Angeli in Desolation Angels.

LEE, ALENE - Mardou Fox in Subterraneans.

LIND, BOB, folk singer - Dinky Summers in Bukowski's Women.

LOUVET, LUCILE - Mimi in Murger's Bohemians of the Latin Quarter. She was met by Murger in 1845. Origins were working class, after separating from her cobbler husband, she supported herself with handwork done at home - sewing, alce- or flower-making.


MCCLURE, MICHAEL - Ike O'Shay in Dharma Bums; Patrick McLear in Desolation Angels and Big Sur.

MILLER, PAMELA "CUPCAKES" - Tammie in Bukowski's Women.
MONTGOMERY, JOHN - Henry Morley in On the Road.

MURGER, HENRI - Rudolph in Bohemians of the Latin Quarter; Francis Bernier in The Water Drinkers; Olivier in Les Amours d'Olivier1.


NIXON, RICHARD - "Old Tricky Dick," "Old Swivelhead," and "Old Flappy Tounge" in Ferlinghetti's Tyrannus Nix?

- Condy Rivers in Blix.

MAILER, NORMAN - Victor Norman in Bukowski's Hollywood.


O'NEIL, AMBER, a fan of Bukowski - Tanya in Women.

ORLOVSKY, LAFACADIO - Lafcadio Darlovsky in Desolation Angels.

ORLOVSKY, PETER - George in Dharma Bums; Simon Darlovsky in Desolation Angels and Book of Dreams.


PARKER, EDIE - Judie Smith in Town and the City; Edna "Johnnie" Palmer in Vanity of Duluoz; Elly in Visions of Cody.



REAGAN, RONALD - "The Gunfighter" and "The Gret Smiler" in Ferlinghetti's Tall Tale 1 and 2.

- Reinhold Cacoethes in Dharma Bums.

RODMAN, HENRIETTA - Egeria in Floyd Dell's Love in Greenwich Village; Janice Goodman in Harry Kemp's More Miles; early 1900's high school teacher, protester, suffragist, and leader of demonstration.

ROUX, MARIE-CHRISTINE - Mussette in Murger's Bohemians of the Latin Quarter; A well known figure in the artistic and literary Paris of the early 1840s. Sough after as a model, she later served Nadar as subject for one of the first nude studies in photography. She was Champfleury’s mistress. She had other liaisons with wealthy and established men and eventually made a fortune as a high class prostitute.

RUSSELL, VICKIE - aka Priscilla Arminger, the daughter of a Detroit judge, and an underworld friend of Herbet Huncke appears as Mary in William S. Burroughs' Junky.


SHROEDER, BARBET - Joe Pinchot in Bukowski's Hollywood. Schroeder is the director of the movie Barly which was written bu Bukowski 

- Jarry Wagner in Desolation Angels; Japhy Ryder in Dharma Bums; Gary Snyder in Vanity of Duluoz.




VIDAL, GORE - Arial Lavalina in Kerouac's Subterraneans.


WANTLING, RUTH - Cecelia Keecing in Bukowski's Women.

WELCH, LEW - Dave Wain in Big Sur.

WHALEN, PHILIP - Ben Fagan in Big Sur; Warren Coughlin in Dharma Bums.

WHISTLER, JAMES - Joe Sibley in Du Maurier's Trilby3.

WHITE, ED - Guy Green in Book of Dreams; Tim Grey in On the Road; Ed Gray in Visions of Cody.

WILLIAMS, LIZA, record company executive - Dee Dee Bronson in Bukowski's Women.





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