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            Gold Square  Allen, Henry Mills, What Is A Bohemian?
                Gold Button  Balzac, Honore, Prince Of Bohemia

                Gold Box  Barrière, Theodore and Murger, Henri, La Vie De Bohème: Pièce En Cinq Actes (French)

                Gold Square  Beauvallet, LéonLes Femmes De Murger
                Gold Box  Bristed, Charles Astor, A New Theory Of Bohemians

                Gold Button 
Bruno, Guido, Bruno's Weekly, Volume II    

Bruno, Guido, Bruno's Weekly, Volume III
                Gold Button  Bruno, Guido, Fragments From Greenwich Village

                Gold Button  Chambers, Robert W,  In The Quarter

                  Box   d'Ennery, Adolphe and Grangé, Pierre,  Les Bohémiens De Paris 

                Gold Box   de Schell, Emilie Buck,  Is Feminine Bohemianism A Failure?

                Gold Button  Dell, Floyd, Love In Greenwich Village

                Gold Button  Delvau, Alfred, Henry Murger Et La Bohème   (French Biography)

                Gold Box  Delvau, Alfred, Henry Murger And The Bohemians  (English Translation; Kindle Version; $4.99)

                  Button  Fosdick, Gertude Christian, Out Of Bohemia

                  Gold Button  Leoncavallo, Ruggero, La Bohème 

                Gold Button  Morrow, William C, Bohemian Paris Of Today

Moscheles,  Felix, In Bohemia With Du Maurier

                Gold Button  Murger, Henry, Bohemians Of The Latin Quarter  
                Gold Button  Murger, Henry, Le Bonhomme Jadis (French One Act Play)

                Gold Box  Murger, Henry, Les Buveurs D'Eau (French)

                Gold Button  Nevill, Ralph, Days And Nights In Montmartre And The Latin Quarter
                Box  Pelloquet, Théodore, Henry Murger (French)

                Gold Button   Price, Julius M., My Bohemian Days In London

                Gold Button 
Price, Julius M., My Bohemian Days In Paris

                Gold Button  Ransome, Arthur, Bohemia In London

                Gold Button  Reed, John, Day In Bohemia

                Gold Button  Service, Robert, Ballads Of A Bohemian

                Gold Button  Smith, F. Berkeley, Real Latin Quarter

               Gold Button  Taboada, Rafael & Chancel, Mariano, Los Bohemios (Spanish Zarzuela)

               Gold Button
  Thackeray, William Makepeace, Student's Quarter Or Parise Five-And Twenty Years Since

                 Gold Box   Vives, Amadeo, Bohemios (Spanish Zarzuela)

                 Gold Box   Williams, Orlo. Vie De Bohème: A Patch Of Romantic Paris

            Works by title:

            gold button  What Is A Bohemian?, by Henry Mills Alden

               Gold Button   La Bohème, by Ruggero Leoncavallo  (Italian)

                 Bohemia In London, by Arthur Ransome

                    Bohemian Paris Of Today, by William C. Morrow

                    Bohemians of the Latin Quarter, by Henri Murger

               Gold Box  
Bohémiens De Paris, by Adolphe d'Ennery and Pierre Grangé  (French)    

               Gold Button   Bohemios, by Rafael Taboada & Mariano Chacel
(Spanish Zarzuela)
               Gold Button   Bohemios, by Amadeo Vives (Spanish Zarzuela)

               Gold Button   Le Bonhomme Jadis, by Henry Murger 
(French One Act Play)

        Button   Bruno's Weekly, Volume II, by Guido Bruno   

               Gold Button  
Bruno's Weekly, Volume III, by Guido Bruno

               Gold Box   Les Buveurs D'Eau, by Henry Murger

              Gold Button   Day in Bohemia, by John Reed

                Gold Button    Days And Nights In Montmartre And The Latin Quarter, by Ralph Nevill

              Gold Button   Les Femmes De Murger,  by Leon Beauvallet

              Gold Button   Fragments from Greenwich Village, by Guido Bruno

                Gold Box   Henry Murger, by Théodore Pelloquet (French)

                Gold Box   Henry Murger And The Bohemians, by Alfred Delvau (English Translation; Kindle Version; $4.99)

              Gold Button   Henry Murger Et La Bohème, by Alfred Delvau  (French Biography)             

In Bohemia With Du Maurier, by Felix Moscheles

                  In The Quarter, by Robert W. Chambers
                Gold Box  Is Feminine Bohemianism A Failure?, by Emilie Buck de Schell

                  Love in Greenwich Village, by Floyd Dell

               Gold Button  My Bohemian Days In London, by Julius M. Price

               Gold Button  My Bohemian Days In Paris, by Julius M. Price

               Gold Box   New Theory of Bohemians, by Charles Astor Bristed

                 Out Of Bohemia, by Gertrude Christian Fosdick

            Gold Button  Poems of Early French Bohemians

                Prince of Bohemia, by Honore de Balzac

            Gold Button  Real Latin Quarter,  by F. Berkeley Smith

            Gold Button  Students Quarter, Or Five-And Thirty Years Since, by William Makepeace Thackeray

              Gold Box   Vie De Bohème: A Patch Of Romantic Paris, by Orlo Williams   

              Gold Box   Vie De Bohème:  Pièce En Cinq Actes (French), by Theodore Barrière and Henri Murger