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Guido Bruno was a major influential figure in Bohemian Greenwich Village during the early 1900's. From his "Garret" in the middle of Greenwich Village, Bruno organized art exhibits and musical and dramatic performances highlighting the work of the local Bohemian expressionists. In addition, he chronicled the activities and philosophical debates of the Village and published works by established and upcoming Bohemians in a series of publications. His Bruno's Weekly provided the Greenwich Village community with a news source for upcoming Bohemian activities and publicized the work of the Bohemians to outsiders. His weekly publication included reviews of books, magazines, exhibitions and performances available in the community. He also allowed writers and artists to express their artistic, philosophical and political views in the publication. Trends taking place throughout the United States and the international Bohemian world as well as histories of these trends were also regular features of Bruno's Weekly.

His garret on Washington Square was central to the Bohemian populace and served not only as Bruno's residence, but also as a publishing house, archives, performance and exhibit venue and the headquarters for Bohemian life of the time.

Bruno was sometimes referred to as the P.T. Barnum of Greenwich Village for his successful promotions and the ensuing publicity it brought to the Bohemian community. This site provides links to each issue of Volume 2 of Bruno's Weekly. It is interesting to study today not only for tracing the rise of Bohemianism in the early 20th Century but also for comparing how the Bohemian philosophy of 100 years ago remain similar to views held to today by contemporary Bohemian expressionists.

Bruno's Weekly

Vol. II, No. 1  -   January 1st, 1916
Vol. II, No. 2  -   January 8th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 3  -   January 15th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 4  -   January 22nd, 1916
Vol. II, No. 5  -   January 29nd, 1916
Vol. II, No. 6  -   February 5th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 7  -   February 12th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 8  -   February 19th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 9  -   February 26th, 1916
Vol. II, No. 10  - March 4, 1916
Vol. II, No. 11  - March 11, 1916
Vol. II, No. 12 - March 18, 1916
Vol. II, No. 13 - March 25, 1916
Vol. II, No. 14 - April 1, 1916
Vol. II, No. 15 - April 8, 1916
Vol. II, No. 16 - April 15, 1916
Vol. II, No. 17 - April 22, 1916
Vol. II, No. 18, - April 29, 1916
Vol. II, No. 19 - May 6, 1916
Vol. II, No. 20 - May 13, 1916
Vol. II, No. 21 - May 20, 1916
Vol. II, No. 22 - May 27, 1916
Vol. II, No. 23 - June 3, 1916
Vol. II, No. 24 - June 10, 1916


Bruno's Weekly

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