Hardcover Edition, 40th anniversary Edition, 352 pages, Published by Viking Pr, Publication date: September 1, 1997, Dimensions (in inches): 9.35 x 6.31 x 1.08, ISBN: 0670874787.

Paperback Edition, Reprint Edition, Published by Penguin USA, (Paper), Publication date: January 1991, Dimensions (in inches): 7.74 x 5.04 x .64, ISBN: 0140042598.

Audiocassette Edition, David Carradine (Narrator), Published by Penguin Audiobooks, Publication date: June 1, 1993, Dimensions (in inches): 7.11 x 4.41 x .98, ISBN: 0453008305.

Originally written in 1951 as one paragraph at a single sitting on roll of teletype paper, On the Raod was first published in 1957. It recalls the experiences of Jack Kerouac (Sal Paradise) and Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty) in the late '40s and 1950s.

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